45th Reunion – Las Vegas Feb 2012

Our 45th reunion started on Thursday, February 16th. While some of us arrived the day before most were arriving Thursday. Harvey and Jan’s room was the central pickup point for Thursday as the hospitality suite would not be available till Friday evening. So we jam packed all the reunion bags/raffle items/t-shirts/etc into a small 12’x12′ room and people started to arrive to pickup their “reunion goodie bag”. As they arrived, no one left!

Our first event was bowling at Sam’s Town about 15 minutes from the California Hotel. Teams were selected randomly and gave us all a chance to meet some new faces.

Friday night was the hospitality reception. We were blessed to have Grace Sonoda Fujimoto and her husband Alvin, get us this beautiful room at the California Hotel. We all had a wonderful time catching up with our old friends and making new ones as well.

The bowling event took some talking to get some people to play, but the slots took no effort. Add the $100 cash prize for first place and everybody was in!

Ono food, great music but most of all FANTASTIC FRIENDS!