Hello Castle 67 Classmates

We’re starting a new web/blog site here to kick off our journey to our 50th class reunion. This new blog will hopefully make sharing and communicating easier for all. Please take sometime to look around and comment.

31 thoughts on “Hello Castle 67 Classmates

  1. Aloha from Las Vegas🌴
    This site is so awesome, thankyou for all the hard work. As I was looking at this site, I came across the “Memoriam” …it was hard for me to believe that those I thought was still here on earth, has gone to heaven… May they all “Rest in Love”..I will surely be there at the 50th reunion… A hui ho…
    Mayben Naumu

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    1. Oh yaaaah, You bet-cha. Party on even with the cane! Love u Lin and fellow CHS 67 mates. So looking forward to seeing everyone.

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  2. Awesome logo, Rudy…Great new CHS website Harv!
    Thank you for starting the ball rolling Harvey, Jan, & Rudy. Looking forward to our 50th…
    Committee meeting welcome at our house -let us know!


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  3. Absolutely LOVE the 50th Reunion logo. Amazing job Rudy. I definitely want a T-shirt with the 50th logo. Looking forward to the 50th!!!! Mahalo Harvey – the website looks awesome. Love the memoriam posts – it’s nice to say goodbye to our classmates and remember them with love. Let me know if I can help. Lots of Aloha from Virginia – Cyn


  4. Hi Harvey: Not sure if this is appropriate (or fitting) but as I was going through the photos of our classmates that we lost I was wondering when they passed away. Would it be possible to post the year they passed? Just a thought.


    1. I could append each photo with the date of their passing. The problem is, except for the recent one’s, I don’t know the year of the others. If you have any, please pass that info to me via my email.


  5. Rudy, great T-shirt, design, awesome. Our class is so lucky to have such a talent. Thank YOU, .Also to the 50th class reunion committee.
    alway so positive…. IMUA 67′


  6. What awesome classmates to be in such Aloha spirit for the coming up reunion. Rudy, I need Jans number missed placed it. It was good to go back to Hawaii to visit after 13 years but sad it was for the death of one of my older sister Iwa, she was also a graduate of Castle. Came back only to get a call my 24 year old nephew passed away. With time flying by so fast in all our lives its nice to have reunions such as these to reminisce of our awesome time in high school. So looking forward to this reunion.


  7. I located Pamela Takamatsu. She is living in the Northwest. She is on face book. I am sure if she heard from enough of you she might just come to the reunion. Give her a shout.


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