50th Reunion Committee Meets

The 50th Reunion committee for the Vegas venue had their first meeting on July 2, 2016 at Linda Higa Nyman’s house. Present were: Linda Higa Nyman, Janice Muramoto Chin, Harvey Chin, Cynthia Sodetani Iwai, Kent Iwai, Rudy Obrero, Carol Obrero, Edwin Kimoto, Gale Matsuzaki Vadnais, Dr. Nolan Higa and Bernie Imamura (Susan Aoki Imamura, 1949-2009).

Many details were decided on but much more work needs follow up and we plan to meet again in September. It is anticipated that we can start taking registrations around the October time frame. At that time, much of the details should be available. The dates are set, it’s just the details of activity that are being finalized. More to follow.


One thought on “50th Reunion Committee Meets

  1. aloha classmates! my name is Roland Madera! also known as Cynthia Kee’s brother, ha ha! Yes I will be attending our 50th reunion in Vegas.
    I hope to see you all then!


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