Make New Memories at the Picnic/Luau this October 2017

The planning committee is hard at work taking care of all the details to insure a fun time. Register now to help the committee with their planning.

Been to the school since graduation? Greg Tsuda thought it would be interesting to look at the campus today. Here is a photo and a short video of the campus.

See you at the 50th Reunion part II.


One thought on “Make New Memories at the Picnic/Luau this October 2017

  1. Mahalo to all classmates, family members, and everyone else who helped us have a memorable 50-year reunion Part 2. The weather was perfect at Bellows so we could all enjoy the picnic outdoors. Lots of catching up with some that we may not have seen since high school. We managed to keep from hurting ourselves as we played the fun games. That really counts in our elevated years.

    The luau was a big hit, again because of the really nice turnout! Gracious people, live music, ono food…we had it all! Again, no one got hurt (too badly) even with all the dancing.

    Special thanks to all those who worked hard to create these events for us to enjoy! I can hardly wait 50 more years for our 100th reunion!


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