Final Count Down…

With less than 30 days till our 50th, the Reunion Committee is busy at work preparing for the big weekend. As posted earlier, the final schedule will be published a couple of weeks prior to the event, so make sure you check back here for more details.

The T-Shirts have been printed and they look great! Rudy out did himself again. A few reminders before you leave for Vegas:

  1. We are looking for a few raffle items. If you made it yourself, thats even better. At the last Vegas celebration, we did the same and everyone enjoyed bidding on some very nice items. (Let Linda know so we can better plan for it.)
  2.  At the Hospitality Suite, we will have a wall for “Share Your Family” pictures. One or two pictures will speed us to current day since graduation. Spouse, Kids, Grandkids, etc.

Aloha, and come back in a couple of weeks.

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